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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we able to change some items from the menu?

A: We are able to change a maximum of 3 items of the same value.
There will be a surcharge if the selected item to swop is of a higher value.

Q: Do you cater halal food?

A: No, unfortunately we do not cater halal food.

Q: How much notice do I need to give to place a booking?

A: Orders made must be at least 5 working days prior to event.

Q: What is the collection time for the buffet?

A: Collection of buffet will be 3 hours from time of delivery or 10pm whichever is earlier.

Q: Can I extend the collection time for my buffet?

A: Extension of collection time will not be advisable as food is best consumed within the stated duration.
Should you require an extension, do inform our sales person upon order and will be based on case-to-case basis.

Q: What will be the quantity of food provided?

A: A buffer of 20% extra will be provided for.

Q: When is the latest I can make changes to my order?

A: Amendments must be done at least 3 working days (before 12 noon) before the event date.

Q: Will there be cancellation charges if I need to cancel my order after confirmation?

A: Yes, 50% of the total bill will incur if cancellation takes place 2 weeks before the event date.
100% of the total bill will incur if cancellation takes place less than 2 weeks before the event date.

Q: What is the mode of payment?

A: Credit card payment is preferred, and payment must be made to confirm order. Payment by cheque upon delivery is also available.

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