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Q: What is Paradise Gourmet Rewards(PGR)?

A: It is a loyalty programme introduced to reward our regular customers with exclusive privileges, benefits and updates.

Q: What are the benefits and privileges for being a member of Paradise Group?

A: • Earn 10% rebates from total for bill* (dine-in and takeaway) which is then converted to Paradise Dollars (P$), at any Paradise Group restaurant in Singapore (except Canton Noodle & Congee, Le Shrimp Ramen and LeNu outlets). Additional 2.5% rebate when you pay with our partnering bank’s credit/debit card.
*Total food bill amount does not include promotional items, beverages, fine wines, miscellaneous items, service charge and government taxes.
• On your birthday month, earn double P$ rebates for every visit.
• The accumulated P$ can be redeemed from the total bill (including taxes) on the next visit to any Paradise Group restaurant in Singapore and our catering arm (One Paradise)
• Receive the latest updates, invitations to see tastings, culinary classes and more!


Q: How do I sign up?

A: You may sign up for the membership via our website or at any Paradise Group restaurants in Singapore (except for Canton Noodle & Congee, Le Shrimp Ramen and LeNu outlets).
Outlet application: For application at our outlets, simply fill up the application form and hand it to our staff at the restaurants. Your membership will be activated upon payment on the same day.
Online application*: For online application, please log on to www.paradisegp.com/home/signup. The account will be reflected in the system approximately 30 minutes after successful application.
*You are advised against the use of smartphones for online application as we are unable to guarantee stability of network connection and security.

Q: How much is the membership?

A: For new sign up, a fee of $30 is applicable which will be loaded as P$ into your membership. For online applications, members will receive additional P$2 of P$32.

Q: How do I pay for the membership application?

A: Payment can be made by cash or payment mode accepted by the restaurant. For online application, payment must be made by credit card (Mastercard /Visa).

Q: What is the validity of the membership?

A: The membership is valid for 12 months from the date of application e.g. If the application is on 2 Jan 2016, the membership will expire on 31 Jan 2017.

Q: How do I renew my membership?

A: Renewal of membership can be done at any Paradise Group restaurant in Singapore (except Canton Noodle & Congee, Le Shrimp Ramen and LeNu outlets). Alternatively, you can choose to renew your membership online via www.paradisegp.com

Q: How much is the renewal fee?

A: Renewal fee is $3 and can be done online or at any outlets.


Q: Is there anything which I can’t earn P$ from?

A: Promotional items, bread, beverages, fine wines, miscellaneous items, service and government taxes are not eligible for earning of P$.
Catering orders made with One Paradise and dine-in/takeaway at Canton Noodle & Congee, Le Shrimp Ramen and LeNu outlets does not earn P$ in this programme.
Purchase of Paradise Group vouchers are also not entitled to earning and redemption of P$.

Q: Can I earn P$ for takeaway items?

A: Yes, P$ can be earned for both dine-in and takeaway (except Canton Noodle & Congee, Le Shrimp Ramen and LeNu outlets).

Q: How will the P$ be rounded off?

A: P$ will be rounded to the exact $0.01.

Q: Do I need to be present to earn or redeem theP$?

A: Yes, you must be present to be entitled for any earning and redemption of P$.

Q: How do I redeem my P$?

A: P$ can be redeemed to offset from the total bill on your next visit to any of our dining outlets. P$ can also be redeemed for catering orders with One Paradise.

Q: Any exceptions where P$ cannot be redeem?

A: Yes, P$ cannot be used to redeem vouchers and promotional items (e.g. Mooncakes, Chinese New Year products, etc).

Q: Can I use / combine multiple memberships to redeem P$?

A: No. Only one membership can be used per transaction.

Q: Will my P$ expire?

A: P$ will expire at the end of the membership validity (12 months) unless renewal is done before the expiry date.

Q: Are there any promotions for credit cardholders?

A: Partnering bank’s credit card holders will be entitled to additional 2.5% rebate.

Q: What about for Birthday month? Will it be 25% since it is supposed to be double rebates for birthday month?

A: No. Birthday month rebates will be 20% regardless of members being partnering bank’s credit/debit card holder.

Q: Can I use my family or friend’s partnering bank’s credit card to settle the payment with my own membership to accumulate the 12.5% rebates?

A: No. The name that appears on the partnering bank’s credit card must be the same as the membership registered name, otherwise, only 10% rebate will be earned.

Q: How do I check on my P$ balance?

A: You may enquire on your P$ balance at any Paradise Group restaurant in Singapore. Alternatively, you may access your membership account via our website.

Q: How do I update my personal data?

A: You can update your data via Paradise Group website through the member’s portal.

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