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Canton Paradise spells oriental chic with vibrant and chirpy interiors akin to the bustling activity present in Cantonese eateries. Relish and experience the best of Hong Kong amidst a truly inimitable setting. A show kitchen allows diners take a peek at the chefs’ deftness at carving the roasted meats, a classic Cantonese treat amongst other all-day dim sum delights.

With an extensive all-day menu offering a range of Hong Kong classics from roast specialties and piping-hot dim sum to delectable congee, noodles and wok-fried dishes, the essence of Hong Kong cuisine is fully captured in the plentiful selection of dishes at Canton Paradise. Diners can also enjoy a taste of the authentic offerings from Shunde, a famed culinary city in Guangdong province, reputed to be the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine.

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Canton Paradise Marina Bay Sands
Canton Paradise Plaza Singapura
Canton Paradise Alexandra Retail Centre, or dim sum menu
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Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee House Westgate
Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee House Changi Airport Terminal 3
Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee House Changi Airport Terminal 3(Transit Area)

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