LeNu Chef’s Wai Noodle Bar

Quality Chinese Noodle

At LeNu, we aim to showcase the years of hard work and skills by the culinary masters of Chinese cuisine and re-create the perfect essence of traditional Chinese noodles served in many variations.

Casual Chinese noodle bar

Promises diners delectable varieties of noodles at affordable price

For a seamless match to our perfectly-textured noodles, we create our own secret recipes for pork bone soup and braised beef broth. Simmered over slow fire for more than 12 hours, our pork bone soup has a dense flavour with high content of protein and collagen. 18 hours of hard work are put into our braised beef broth, using premium ingredients for the rich taste of beef. A variety of ingredients and noodles options are available, for a customised bowl of quality Chinese noodles at reasonable prices.