Paradise Teochew

The true essence of Teochew cuisine in every bite.

Extending deeper into its roots of being the expert in Chinese cuisine, we invite you to experience the finesse and art of Teochew cuisine at Paradise Teochew. Well-loved by many for their light-handed on seasoning and minimal usage of flavour enhancers, Teochew cuisine focus on freshness and quality of ingredients; and is definitely a celebrated source of healthy and light dishes.

Delicate and exquisite Teochew style signatures

A plethora of options to cater to every taste.

Embracing the Teochew roots, Paradise Teochew features over a hundred dishes of Teochew style signatures prepared by a team of talented chefs, including Chilled Yellow Roe Crab in Teochew Style, Teochew Style Braised Shark’s Fin in Casserole, Stewed Duck with Yam in Casserole and Braised Dried Fish Maw with Live Prawn and Tofu in Casserole. Coupled with an array of dim sum offerings, diners are certainly spoilt for choice.