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Lè Fish Restaurant has a focus on fish dishes prepared in Chinese traditional styles. It is an unchallenging task to prepare a fish dish, but requires a lot more skills and effort to perfect it.

To bring out the freshness and succulent flesh texture of a good fish is not only dependent on excellent knife skills, but also on the detailed and meticulous preparation work and exquisite cooking techniques. Using only Guangdong live bass reared in one of the best fish farms with optimal conditions, we are insistent in our pursuit of “prepared upon order” policy to ensure freshness of fish dishes served.

Adhering to ancient methods and recipes, with much attention paid to achieving a heavenly broth and tender succulent flesh ofthe fish, a splendid fish dish signifies the meaning of happiness and reunion in Chinese dining culture.

Be it gatherings, drinks or formal dinners, our fish dishes is the finest choice for a harmonious and joyous time together.

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