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At Paradise Group, every employee is a valuable asset, and we are dedicated towards providing each individual a learning and rewarding journey with us. In a positive and motivational environment alike to a family, all aspects of employees needs are well taken care of, with mentors ready to share and guide anytime. In line with our enterprise culture, we work, grow, reward and share with all team members, a fair and generous manner.



Eldwin was working part-time in seafood restaurants in his late teens that sparked Eldwin’s interest in the culinary world, particularly seafood. At a young age, Eldwin founded his first restaurant on a strong foundation in offering delicious home-style cuisine prepared with quality ingredients offered at good value. Even now with full-fledged kitchen teams headed by well-experienced executive chefs, Eldwin is still very much hands-on in bringing new dishes to each and every menu. Taking pride in providing quality cuisine with good value, Eldwin takes the comments that he receives very seriously and uses these to constantly improve his menu and services.


Edlan joined Paradise Group in 2006 when Seafood Paradise at Defu Lane has grown appreciably and Taste Paradise was making its first foray into the Singapore restaurant scene. As the architect of the group’s operations, Edlan translates Eldwin’s vision into reality and has also taken on the marketing aspect for the Paradise brand. Dedicated to train and instill the company’s values of sharpness, passion, perseverance, innovation, inspiration and team spirit to his team, Edlan believes that the Paradise has the potential to grow into an established brand in the region, upholding its philosophy of quality food, good service and true value to Paradise’s customers.


We believe in hiring dynamic and dedicated individuals with a passion for food, and train them to become future pillars of the company. With a conviction that happy employees are essential to the growth of an establishment, we ensure that our employees are contented to serve our customers well, and stay loyal to the company. Apart from providing in-house training for the employees to help them adapt quickly and excel in their field of work, external related training and courses are also arranged for employees to constantly upgrade themselves. Our passion for people allow us to continue providing opportunity and developing our people.

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