Paradise Dynasty

World’s first 8 flavours Xiao Long Bao

Paradise Dynasty promises you a gastronomic journey through dynasties of China, with northern and southern Chinese cuisine across generations.

Indulge in modern opulence in Paradise Dynasty, with hanging lights and gold decorative elements. Be awed by the refreshing take with splashes of colours against the neutral dining environment.

Touted as a world-first, our xiao long bao comes in never-before, innovative flavours like crab roe, cheese, garlic, korean kimchi, szechuan and the kings among kings – BBQ Pulled Pork and black truffle. Paradise Dynasty is set to delight diners with northern and southern China cuisine, with a touch of innovation.

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Le Shrimp Noodle Bar

First “Wok-hei” Shrimp Broth Noodle in USA

Le Shrimp la mian is a perfect marriage of Japanese and Chinese culture, offering a simple menu of elaborate flavours.

With a show kitchen where diners can enjoy full view of their meals being prepared, each Le Shrimp Noodle Bar restaurant is decorated with red elements, walnut panels and unique wall mural illustrations to create a lively environment similar to the bustling Tsukiji fish market.

Featuring two specialty broths – shrimp broth and chicken broth, each has its own dedicated followers. Prawn aficionados cannot resist our shrimp broth, featuring the flawless union of fresh tiger prawns, chicken bones and Chinese spices, given a piquant oomph with a distinctive “wok-hei” (smoky aroma) that is unique to Cantonese cooking.

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