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Affordable yet remarkable, LeNu is a casual Chinese noodle bar that strives to achieve perfection in every bowl to delight all diners at an affordable price.

Indulge in our hearty braised beef broth, which is prepared for 18 hours using the freshest beef marrow, bones and other premium ingredients to create the rich authentic taste of beef. Simmered over slow fire for more than 12 hours, our pork bone soup has a dense flavour with high content of protein and collagen. Diners can also savour noodles tossed with Chef Wai’s special homemade sauce which is guaranteed to delight until the last mouth.

Pair them with your preferred noodles option and different meat selections including pork, chicken and beef for a perfectly customised bowl of Chinese noodles. Apart from using the finest ingredients, the proportion of ingredients are also carefully measured to ensure consistency in every bowl of goodness.

Be delighted by the light and refreshing flavours of homemade appetisers ranging from the unique Chilled Sugarcoated Anchovies to all-time favourite Chilled Silken Tofu with Century Egg. Tease your palate with them as you wait to have your noodles served piping hot.

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LeNu (Bugis Junction, Funan, Jewel Changi Airport, Great World, Vivo City, Parkway Parade, One Holland Village)
LeNu (Bedok Mall, Compass One, JEM, Northpoint City, The Woodleigh Mall)
LeNu Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Transit Area)

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