Paradise Dynasty

World’s first 8 flavors Xiao Long Bao

Take a step back to imperial China and marvel at its opulence and majesty. Just like a page out of a history book, Paradise Dynasty captures the finer points of bygone eras in contemporary style. Certainly, a feast of the senses of such magnitude would not be complete without a feast for the palate. Paradise Dynasty is set to delight with both northern and southern Chinese cuisine, with an innovative touch.

Touted as a world-first, our xiao long bao comes in never-before, innovative flavors like crab roe, cheese, garlic, korean kimchi, szechuan and the kings among kings – BBQ Pulled Pork and black truffle. Be awed by the experience, the refreshing take on delicacies and the dragon’s impeccable presence at Paradise Dynasty.

Never judge a book by its cover, for Paradise Dynasty promises to couple great food with great value in a grand alluring ambience.

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Le Shrimp Noodle Bar

First “Wok-hei” Shrimp Broth Noodle in USA

Inspired by the flavors of Japanese ramen broth and silky threads of Chinese la mian, Le Shrimp Noodle Bar is a perfect marriage of Japanese and Chinese culture, offering a simple menu of elaborate flavors.

Expect bowls of noodles that seek to delight and surprise. The shrimp broth lends a deliciously smoky aroma given a piquant oomph with a distinctive “wok-hei” that is unique to Cantonese cooking.

Prawn aficionados cannot resist our shrimp broth, featuring the flawless union of fresh tiger prawns, whole chicken and Chinese spices, giving the broth a scarlet twist.

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