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Formerly known as Paradise Inn, it is a casual dining concept that offers classic Chinese dishes with a nostalgic taste of Nanyang inspired by traditional recipes and cooking style from the South East Asia region.

Helmed by a team of sincere and well-trained chefs, every dish at Paradise Classic is prepared from the heart with a flair for Chinese cooking. Embark on a journey of classic Chinese cuisine at Paradise Classic, with dishes that trigger you to reminisce the taste of home-cooked dishes.

We serve some of the best Chinese fare along with double-boiled soups and fusion dishes, making our restaurant an ideal choice for casual meals among friends and family. Paradise Classic uses the freshest and most traditional ingredients to whip up dishes like Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved ‘Cai Xin’ and Minced Pork, Espresso Pork Rib, San Bei Beef in Claypot, Stewed Silver Needle Noodle with Salted Fish in Claypot, Crispy Dried Fish with Sweet Thai Sauce and many more. In addition, Paradise Classic provides a wide array of teas to compliment the main meal. From the aromatic floral and herb-infused teas to refreshing fruit-infused iced teas, there will definitely be something for everyone.

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